2-panel footbag


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2-panels footbag – filled with small steel beads and plastic, 40g, extremely floppy, 30% filled, stalls easily, great to start your footbag freestyle journey.

7USD shipping all over the world!

Filler: mix of plastic and tiny steel beads
Fabric: synthetic leather
Diameter: 5cm
Weight: 45g

Please note, that freestyle bags must be taken care of properly. Always pick them up with your hand, not your feet. The bags are great for both freestyle and kicking, but the life of the bag will be shortened if all you do is kick. Please refer to my How to take care of your footbag? guide to make sure you treat your bag well!

This product is not handmade by Hania. It’s premade and ready to ship.
The shipping may take up to 3 weeks.


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