32-panel footbag regular

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  1. 32-panel Haniabag regular – perfectly round and crafted to perfection by Hania a Female World Footbag Champion. Very popular among professional freestyle players, great for freestyling and kicking.
Available in 4 color combinations.
Shipping  7 USD anywhere in the world!

Size: regular
Diameter: 4.5-5.0 cm, ~1.8 inch
Weight: 60g
Filler: non-toxic steel shot
Fabric: synthetic suede

Please note, that freestyle bags must be taken care of properly. Always pick them up with your hand, not your feet. The bags are great for both freestyle and kicking, but the life of the bag will be shortened if all you do is kick. Please refer to my How to take care of your footbag? guide to make sure you treat your bag well!

This product is handmade by Hania. It’s made to order.
The shipping may take up to 3 weeks.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black Berry/Pink/White, Black/Blue/Light Blue, Blue/White/Orange, Blue/White/Red, Green/Light green/Yellow, Green/White/Light Blue, Rainbow, Rasta-Black/Green/Yellow/Red, Red/Gray, Sangria/Blue/Green Grape, Sangria/Yellow, Teal/Blue/Gray, Teal/Yellow/Blue/Green, White/Red/Light Blue

12 reviews for 32-panel footbag regular

  1. Andrew Tailor

    Haniabags rock! I have always been impressed with her stitching quality and consistency of gathering creating a uniformly round bag. Her selection of colours are great too, but most of all these bags are hand- stitched by a pro! She knows the ins and outs of the freestyle discipline and has the technical design and sewing ability to translate any improvement to her product. I can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with this product made by a great player and wonderful person too. I pick a few Haniabags up whenever I see her. (From a freestyle playing for over 30 years and a Savile Row, London bespoke suit tailor and a footbag stitcher for over 20 years)

  2. Thomas

    One of the best pro bags available! Get it!

  3. Jakub

    10/10 GET IT NOW 🙂

  4. Roy Klein

    I use footbags by many stitchers as I like to both experiment and support artisans. But I have to say that when the dust settles, I always find myself playing most with my Haniabags.

  5. Seth Fritz (verified owner)

    Amazing footbags 10/10!!!! You can’t go wrong with these.

  6. ADAM LEHMAN (verified owner)

    I was kind of discouraged when I first got the bag. It was alot smaller than the American footbags I’ve purchased from Dragonfly. I quickly learned that the size doesn’t matter because this footbag has earned my love and respect for that it has performed so much better than the rest! Thank you so much Hanna!

  7. Paul (verified owner)

    The very, very, very best footbags all around!
    Thanks Hania

  8. Sean Flaherty

    I recently received my first Hania bag and I can’t express how much I love this bag and everything about it ! . Her customer service is excellent ! . the bag is perfectly crafted in every way , it is unique and beautiful and pure joy to play with . it instantly made me slightly better player , I highly recommend them and am very appreciative of her skilled craftsmanship . I hope to get another before long . Thank you !

  9. Joel Howard (verified owner)

    I recently looked into purchasing a footbag as a hobby and came across Haniabag. After browsing the website I decided on buying the 32 Panel Footbag Rasta. The quality of this footbag is top-notch! I’m blown away by the craftsmanship that Hania put into making it. You can tell she truly cares about what she does! If you are looking for a footbag, look no further. You can’t go wrong with purchasing a Haniabag. I will definitely buy from her again if I ever need another one.

    Thank you very much Hania!

  10. Iv.angelkov (verified owner)

    I just ordered Green/Light green/Yellow, and can’t wait to receive it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Tim (verified owner)

    Best bags!!! Next bag will be a Haniabag.

  12. Antoinette (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing footbag for about a year now and decided to get myself a treat and go for the 32 panel rainbow Haniabag. I just tried it out over the weekend and I love it! The size and weight are great and it’s easy to control. I’ve made my partner promise to get me another one in a different color for my birthday 🙂

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